Security Services in Texas

Texas, known for its vast landscapes and diverse communities, requires tailored security solutions that address its unique challenges. At Cuneo Consulting, we understand the importance of providing specialized security services that cater to the specific needs of Texan businesses and residents. From bustling city centers like Houston and Dallas to the quieter rural areas, our comprehensive security services offer protection and peace of mind across the Lone Star State.

Our approach in Texas is built on a deep understanding of local regulations and cultural nuances. Whether it’s providing armed guards for high-value asset protection in financial districts or implementing advanced surveillance systems for retail spaces, our services are designed to offer robust security solutions. With a focus on adaptability and responsiveness, we ensure that our clients in Texas receive top-notch security services that are both effective and respectful of the local ethos.

American and Texas state flags waving in front of an ornate building, symbolizing state and national pride.
Certificate of Private Security Licensure for Cuneo Security from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Security in Diverse Environments

Adaptable Strategies

Recognizing Texas' diverse environments, from urban to rural, we adapt our security strategies to provide effective protection in any setting, ensuring safety and compliance with state-specific regulations.

Industrial and Corporate Security

Tailored Solutions

Texas' booming industrial and corporate sectors demand specialized security measures. We provide tailored solutions to protect assets, employees, and operations in these dynamic and high-stake environments.

Event Security for Major Gatherings

Expert Coordination

Known for its vibrant events and festivals, Texas requires expertly coordinated security for large gatherings. We specialize in event security, ensuring safe and successful events statewide.

Dedicated to Texas' Security Needs

In Texas, where the spirit of independence and strength is celebrated, our security services are designed to resonate with these values. We offer peace of mind to businesses and communities, knowing their security is handled by experts who understand and respect Texan culture.

Your Trusted Security Partner in Texas

At Cuneo Consulting, we are committed to upholding the safety and security of Texas with our specialized services. Trust us to be your reliable security partner in the Lone Star State, where we blend traditional values with modern security practices for the best protection.


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