Shopping & Retail Security Services

Cuneo Consulting provides specialized Shopping & Retail Security Services to ensure the safety of your customers and the security of your retail space. Our services are designed to prevent theft, vandalism, and ensure a pleasant shopping experience for your customers.

Loss Prevention

Minimizing Risks

Our team focuses on loss prevention strategies to minimize the risk of theft and shoplifting, ensuring your merchandise is protected and your losses are reduced.

Advanced Surveillance

Constant Vigilance

We utilize advanced surveillance techniques, including CCTV monitoring, to maintain a constant vigil over your retail space, deterring potential security breaches.

Customer Safety

Secure Shopping Environment

The safety of your customers is paramount. Our security measures are designed to create a secure and welcoming environment, allowing your customers to shop with peace of mind.

Enhanced Security for Retail Spaces

Our Shopping & Retail Security Services are comprehensive, covering all aspects of retail security. From employee safety training to emergency response planning, we provide an all-encompassing security solution for your retail business.

Cuneo Consulting security patrol car with flashing lights parked outside a Walmart at night.

Choose Cuneo Consulting for your retail security needs and experience the difference that a professional, customer-focused security service can make. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of your retail space and customers.

EJ Cuneo

Chief Executive Officer and Founder