ASIS International Fort Lauderdale Chapter 104 Liaisons

Welcome to Chapter 104, where our mission is to provide unwavering support to our members through strategic liaisons and valuable educational opportunities. Since 1977, we have been dedicated to promoting safety and security throughout the vibrant communities of Broward County. Our vision for the future is centered around cultivating a dynamic organization comprising a diverse group of security professionals.

As experts in all facets of security planning, preparation, prevention, and response, our members are equipped with the knowledge and skills to drive impactful change. They are positioned to provide comprehensive education, training, and implementation strategies across a wide range of topics, ensuring the promotion of security and safety throughout Broward County.

Thomas Stenger

ASIS International Chapter 104 Program Chair & Webmaster, Uscg Mariner License, Law Enforcement Officer

Cathy Chastain

ASIS International Chapter 104 Liaison, Law Enforcement Liaison

Lynda Nation

ASIS International Chapter 104 Women In Security Liaison, Public Safety, Physical Security, Compliance, Process Improvement & Training Professional

Emilio Bermudez

ASIS International Chapter 104 Membership Chair Mentorship Program Chair

Paula Mendes

ASIS International Chapter 104 Next Gen Liaison Newsletter Editor