Jeff Crane

Executive Vice President

Technical Skills Environmental Management • Physical Security • Security & Risk Management • Financial & Regulatory Oversight •Anti-Money Laundering • Financial Services Investigations• Financial Institution Fraud • Credit Card/Access Device Fraud • Cyber Security • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Professional Experience
Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General, Defense Criminal Investigative Service
Special Agent, 2015-2020 (Retired with 22 Years of Service)
Responsible for providing computer forensic support during search warrants for agents throughout the Southeast Field Office. Those missions required forensic imaging of electronic media and evidentiary processing of computers, email, cell phones, servers and other media of evidentiary potential. Deployed to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman for one year.

Department of Transportation, Office of Inspector General
Special Agent, 2014-2015
Responsible for conducting a full range of investigative functions related to investigations concerning allegations of irregularities, fraud, collusion, conflicts of interest, and improprieties on the part of DOT employees, state and other political subdivision personnel, contractor personnel, or others in connection with DOT programs; or any violation involving noncompliance with requirements of legislation and/or administrative rules and regulations pertaining to the programs administered by the DOT.

Army CID Major Procurement Fraud Unit (MPFU)
Special Agent, 2010-2014
Responsible for independently planning, developing and conducting major procurement fraud criminal investigations. Resolve all founded cases via criminal, civil or administrative processes. In July 2012, I deployed to Kuwait for six months for the purpose of investigating fraud related offenses in the Middle East region. I was also responsible for conducting site surveys, motorcade routes, monitoring terroristic activities and all facets of protection in theatre.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Special Agent, 2009-2010
Received extensive training in the following criteria during ICE’s 12-week academy: Money laundering and bulk cash smuggling; cyber-crimes, intrusion crimes, electronic crimes; intelligence gathering; strategic arms technology violations; weapons of mass destruction; human smuggling and trafficking; drug trafficking; gang investigations; terrorism; illegal importing and exporting; protecting critical infrastructure industries that are vulnerable to cyber sabotage or attack, Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT), and Counter PIT measures.

Accomplished at leading complex security operations, identifying and reducing risks, and leading challenging internal/financial investigations in domestic and international settings. Experienced in leading goal oriented teams, delivering measurable results, finding solutions to complex problems, and reducing costs. Extensive experience working with local, state, and federal law enforcement partners, as well as intelligence agencies.

Environmental Protection Agency/Criminal Investigation Division
Special Agent, 2002-2009
Investigated all programs under the jurisdiction of the EPA. The majority of violations occurred under the purview of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Most of violations associated with the aforementioned required inspection and monitoring of the receiving sewer lines. Monitoring was accomplished by discharge samplers, surveillance cameras and inspection cameras. The majority of violators exceeded discharge limits while others failed to correct Infiltration & Inflow (I&I). I&I may sound harmless, but it led to a serious health and safety when a combination of sewage and stormwater contaminated an entire neighborhood for months when accompanied by showers.

Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Air Marshal, 2002-2003
Responded to potential criminal incidents aboard domestic air carriers, as well as other in-flight emergencies. Performed cabin searches for contraband, weapons, and improvised explosive devices. Preserved the safety of aircraft, crew, and passengers. Provided tactical briefings to aircraft captains, flight crews, and armed law enforcement officers.

United States Secret Service,
Special Agent, 1998-2002
Assigned to the Protective Intelligence squad in March 2001. This unit specializes in gathering threat intelligence, detecting threats, deterring hostile action and surveilling potential assailants. I was routinely tasked with conducting in-depth security advances for the President of the United States. I was also responsible for coordinating, planning and implementing security measures at major events such as the United Nations General Assembly, Olympics, Super Bowl, etc. Graduate of the following courses: Protective Intelligence; Psychiatric Profiling; Chemical and Biological Weapons Training; Counter Surveillance with an emphasis on risk/threat assessment, threat management; domestic and international terrorist threats; SWAT. Planning, coordinating and conducting difficult and sensitive protection activities, including logistics and operations. Assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) on 09/11/01.

Member Experience & Skill

  • City of Huntsville, Alabama -Police Officer, 1991-1998 Training
  • Firearms Instructor and Armorer
  • Private Pilot
  • Digital and Windows Forensics Examiner
  • Protective Operations Driving Certification
  • Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT), and Counter Measures
  • Explosive Ordinance Detection and HAZMAT Crime Scene Processing
  • Covert Electronic Tracking
  • First Responder, Tactical Medical, Hundreds of hours of Level III ER experience Active Shooter (Basic and Advanced)
  • Officer Down Emergency Evacuations & Vehicle Ambush Counter Measures


Auburn University, Montgomery, AL Athens State University, Athens, AL M.S. Justice and Public Safety B.S. Justice Studies, Cum Laude

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