As the sports world turns its eyes to Las Vegas for Super Bowl 58, the buzz around potential celebrity appearances, especially that of pop icon Taylor Swift, intensifies. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas assured that “Security officials are already ‘extraordinarily vigilant’ when bringing together 65,000 people in one stadium,” affirming the readiness for any high-profile addition to the event. This level of security is what Cuneo Consulting advocates for all its clients, particularly when the stakes are as high as they are at the Super Bowl.

Security at the Forefront:

The Department of Homeland Security designates the Super Bowl as a SEAR 1 high-risk event, but officials have confirmed no known specific or credible threats related to the game or the stars potentially in attendance. Echoing the sentiments of Secretary Mayorkas, Cuneo Consulting recognizes that the “priorities of safety and security for everyone in attendance” are paramount, aligning with their own mission to provide top-tier security services.

Celebrity Presence and Security Concerns:

Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt commented on the unique challenges posed by celebrities like Swift, noting that while she is “obviously a security issue anywhere she goes,” her professional security team has a proven track record. Cuneo Consulting emphasizes the importance of such experienced personnel, stating that collaboration between security teams is crucial in creating a seamless and secure experience for all.
Panoramic view of the Las Vegas Strip at twilight, showcasing the Bellagio Hotel's fountain show, with a vibrant display of lights and casinos against a mountainous backdrop.

Las Vegas: A City Prepared:

With a history of hosting large events, Las Vegas is praised for its security infrastructure. Bobby McDonald, a former supervisory Secret Service agent, remarked, “You couldn’t have a better infrastructure already in place.” Cuneo Consulting agrees, asserting that leveraging existing security frameworks, coupled with expert planning, is key to managing successful events of this magnitude.

Expert Opinion on Safety:

Gil Fried, a sports facility management specialist, expressed confidence in the security measures, saying, “The people in charge of security at the game ‘know their stuff’.” This sentiment is shared by Cuneo Consulting, whose expertise in risk management and crisis response is integral to their advisory and implementation roles in event security.


The presence of Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl may remain uncertain, but the necessity for unwavering security does not. Cuneo Consulting stands ready to offer its expertise to ensure that events, regardless of their scale or the stars that attend, are fortified by strategic, vigilant, and comprehensive security measures.


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As the anticipation for Super Bowl 58 builds, so does the assurance of a safe and secure experience for all attendees, thanks to the meticulous preparations of seasoned security experts. Cuneo Consulting stands in solidarity with the diligent professionals in Las Vegas, reinforcing the shield of vigilance that the city has exemplified. We invite you to learn from this showcase of security preparedness and consider how our expertise can be applied to your next event. Together, we create not just events, but memories that are secure, enjoyable, and without equal.

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